Metropolitan Abstract
Phone Numbers

Long Island
(516) 741-5474

New York City
(212) 354-5474

(718) 343-4334

Suffolk County
(631) 273-3333

Toll free
(800) 621-1104

(516) 877-1195

For closings within the City of New York, the preparation of all ‘ACRIS’ documents is available by this company for an additional fee. Please contact the office with requests or inquiries.


Mortgages and Assignments

Assignment of Mortgage w/o Covenant - NY029
Assignment of Mortgage with Covenant - NY029b
Bond, Individual or Corporate - NY022
Bond_NY022.doc (100.50 kB)
Certificate of Director's Resolution to Mortgage Corporate Property
Collateral Assignment of Leases and Rents
Consolidation and Extension Agreement - NY007
Extension Agreement - NY027
First Mortgage - NY013
Lienors Estoppel Cert - NY024
Mortgage Note Individual or Corporate - NY003
Mortgage Splitter Agreement
Mortgage Subordinate - NY012
Release of Part of Mortgage Premises
Satisfaction of Mortgage - NY015
Spreader Agreement
Subordination Agreement - NY020
Termination of Assignment of Leases and Rents
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