Metropolitan Abstract
Phone Numbers

Long Island
(516) 741-5474

New York City
(212) 354-5474

(718) 343-4334

Suffolk County
(631) 273-3333

Toll free
(800) 621-1104

(516) 877-1195

For closings within the City of New York, the preparation of all ‘ACRIS’ documents is available by this company for an additional fee. Please contact the office with requests or inquiries.



Administrators Deed NY016
Bargain and Sale Deed w/o Covenant - NY030
Bargain and Sale Deed with Covenant - NY005
Executors Deed - NY011
Executors Deed - NY025
Executors Deed - NY025a
Full Covenant Warranty Deed - NY014
Quitclaim Deed - NY018
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