Metropolitan Abstract
Phone Numbers

Long Island
(516) 741-5474

New York City
(212) 354-5474

(718) 343-4334

Suffolk County
(631) 273-3333

Toll free
(800) 621-1104

(516) 877-1195

Image of Pen and Contract

Metropolitan Abstract is a full service title insurance agency that provides title insurance and real estate services to clients all over the United States. Headquartered in Carle Place, New York, the company is a policy writing agent for national title insurance underwriters: First American Title, Stewart Title Guaranty, and Fidelity National Title.

As opposed to traditional insurance products that protect the insured against future occurrences; Title Insurance is a unique product in that it insures against potential title defects that have happened already, but may not be discovered for years to come. Since today’s title defect may not be discovered for some time, it’s nice to know you’ll be able to pick up a phone and KNOW that the company who insured your title is still there. Metropolitan Abstract has had the same address and phone numbers for over 40 years. In an industry with hundreds of companies, less than a small handful can make that statement.